The best way to avoid dental diseases is through regular dental check ups. Hence, any hidden problem or anomaly in development can be discovered and treated at an early stage. Examinations with a preventive focus and regular dental check ups, are more likely to preserve your dental health and may even help avoid major treatments in the future.

Consultation, establishing a treatment plan

During the first consultation we assess the dental status of the patient and give personalized advice on improvement and maintenance of oral hygiene and, if necessary, we formulate a treatment plan.

Tartar removal

Many people do not even know they have dental problems unless their dentist calls their attention to it. Tartar build-up is aesthetically disturbing, but it can also be a hotbed of dental diseases – so regular tartar removal is recommended by all means. After tartar is removed teeth often become whiter, your smile is nicer and you feel more confident.

About oral hygiene

Appropriate oral hygiene is essential for aesthetically pleasing, healthy teeth. Brushing with toothpaste, use of dental floss, rinsing with mouthwash and cleaning the tongue are all important parts of maintaining your oral health. Of course it matters what kinds of tools we use and how.
When selecting your toothbrush, you should pay attention to the strength of bristles. Toothbrushes with bristles that are too strong may damage the enamel and gums. We recommended cleaning your teeth with a medium or soft bristled tooth brush using circular movements and light pressure from all sides, at least two times a day, but preferably after each meal. The bristles of the toothbrush cannot reach the areas between teeth that are crowded or under the gum, these parts are difficult to clean. Remaining plaque and bacteria in these narrow gaps can be the hotbed of future caries and gingivitis. To avoid this, clean the difficult to reach areas with dental floss after brushing. Oral irrigation is recommended to stimulate blood circulation of the gums thereby reducing the risk of receeding gums.

Maintaining good oral hygiene can prevent tartar build-up- subsequently preventing development of dental caries and periodontal diseases.

Ask for our dentists’ and dental hygienists’ professional help with oral hygiene.

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