If all of your teeth are missing in the upper or lower jaw, dental implants are the best solution. You can choose a removable prosthesis that is attached via anchoring devices to two or more dental implants. The prosthesis remains securely in place in your mouth – yet it is easy to remove. Another option is a full bridge that is attached to several dental implants.


Removable implant-supported overdenture

An overdenture involves installing two or more dental implants that will be used as a secure foundation to attach the prosthesis.
In the lower jaw 2-4 implants and in the upper jaw 4 implants are usually required. For the overdenture, either ball abutments or a small bar between the abutments are used. The prosthesis is fitted with corresponding devices underneath.

Fixed full bridge

For a permanently anchored dental implant bridge, 6- 8 dental implants are installed to form a good foundation. Because the dental implants are anchored in the jawbone, they stimulate the bone tissue and help to maintain healthy bone levels and facial structures.
The abutments are attached to the dental implants and the bridge is fitted in place. All dental work is performed according to your prerequisites and wishes.

The overdenture/ fixed full bridge looks and functions like normal teeth.

You can eat whatever you like and laugh without having to worry about the prosthesis falling out.

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